Built on Basecoat, Ardagh success with alu designer CocaCola bottles

Ardagh and Coca Cola win fourth award for their Jean Paul Gaultier Coca-Cola contour bottles. The light and 100 per cent recyclable aluminium bottles use cutting edge print technology...read more

Is Waterless the future....

Compared with plastic letterpress plates, smaller halftone dots can be achieved, thus allowing for finer design reproduction. .....Find out more from Toyo Seikan...


April 2016. Sandon Global Engineering has developed a revolutionary new over varnishing system for two-piece can making designed to increase efficiency and profitability through the use of light weight, sleeve technology as an alternative to gravure.
The new GravLite sleeve has been developed to replace heavy and cumbersome gravure cylinders that on average, can weigh up to 24 kilos each and take up to 45 minutes for changeovers. The down-times associated with this traditional process for applying decorative or protective coatings means lower production and profitability. The innovative, patent pending, GravLite system from Sandon offers a sleeve design weighing only 3 kilos enabling rapid change-overs of approximately one to three minutes allowing users to modify coating parameters quickly and efficiently.

Get ready for the Regulators..

INX has published “Low Migration Inks in Packaging,” a brief yet comprehensive action guide to help food package providers deal with a myriad of challenges they face today.

Variable Printing on Ball lines gives new Marketing Options

Newly developed Dynamark™ technology can be integrated in the existing printing process for all sizes of steel and aluminum can. It enables up to 24 different monochromatic graphic elements to be added to a defined vacant area of, or supplemental to, the basic design. Thus, logos, icons or individualized messages can be incorporated into the can appearance. Dynamark™ allows variability in the graphic design at normal production speed.
In Europe, Dynamark™ technology is already available in Ball's plants in Weissenthurm (Germany), Oss (Netherlands), Belgrade (Serbia) and Radomsko (Poland). Other plants will follow. Go to Ball website

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