Canning Industry Failing to win the BPA Battleground

Grim warnings for the canmaking industry were issued by Dr William Hoyle to IMDA delegates last year (2011). He was scathing in attacking the failure of the industry to counter the 'absurd' claims made against the use of epoxy coatings and BPA'.
“With BPA we won the science battle but have done a terrible job of the PR. Social media has voted against BPA. “ He said the critics of trace elements of BPA were “willing to bend the truth and use the fear factor.”
Yet he said the World Health Authority had now joined the FDA and European regulators in judging it safe to use the authorised epoxy based coatings.
“It bothers me that the NGOs have added a new twist....0.1 ppb as BPA free...they are trying to set a legal number you cannot meet.” And he warned his audience that even alternative coatings would face big hurdles to gain full approval. He warned that the NGO 'Nanny State political agenda' included 'No toxic or carcinogenic alternatives can be used to replace BPA'
“You have got to get those alternatives out there now, but you also have to be ready to defend those alternatives.”
Dr Hoyle pointed out that thousands of deaths and food poisoning cases were the alternative reality if the world stopped using canmaking to preserve and protect food. “The FDA records show there has not been an incidence of food borne illness resulting from a failure of metal packaging for more than 30 years.” Yet the industry was failing to get this message across to the public and politicians.
He was scathing in attacking the industry failure to win the battle: “You need a more pro active approach. You should have used social networks more, we have not done a good job.”

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