US revealed to be more safety conscious that EU over High Pressure aerosols....

Representing ITW Sexton at Paris (left to right):
Rick Henry and Doug Baker

Showcasing their “safest can in the market”, ITW Sexton started a drive for European sales when Rick Henry, Director of Technical Services spoke to the Paris Aerosols conference in February. Rick was over with Sales Director, Doug Baker. Sextons are noted for their expertise in steel drawn walled aerosol cans and associated bottoms for high pressure applications.

Rick reminded the audience of the risks that some aerosols, left perhaps in full sun or on a hot shelf could burst catastrophically at the seams. This was especially to be considered with high pressure refrigerants cans. It was against such risks that he said Sexton was “very proud” to have developed and patented its third generation of PRD pressure relief domes for the base of such aerosol cans. The audience saw a video of how the PRD safely released contents as the pressure was rapidly increased under test conditions.
In cases where non-flammable gases are packaged, high venting pressure relief devices (PRDs) minimize the possibility of an end or bottom from separating from the container. He said Sexton had applied for a special extra permit to also cover propane refrigerants. The audience heard during discussion that tight US regulations had helped ensure there had never been any failures in the US market, however Rick commented that Europe had so far set a lower safety threshold than the US.

Rick's presentation spelled out how ITW Sexton felt recent developments have compromised the unilateral position of PRDs. These included the decision by the EU to allow the packaging of HFC-134a in 18 bar containers and the USA DOT's decision to allow plastic aerosol use for packaging contents over 4oz and approval of an 18 bar can for the Interstate transit of HFC-134a. These decisions have been met unfavourably in the marketplace, especially with regard to safety concerns.

Meanwhile Rick told the audience ITW Sexton were please with their innovation of the large 1 kilo steel aerosols , with work on 500 cc aerosols for India and with its rapid turnaround systems allowing it to achieve 120 days from design to market.

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